'Find Your Inner Pescitarian' Weight Loss Program

A simple, gradually implemented lifestyle change to support weight loss goals

What Dietary Approach Might A Naturopathic Doctor Follow?  For Dr Rob Ayoup ND, THIS is it!

This effective and evidence-based nutritional approach provides you with the tools you need to help maximize your plant and seafood intake, while gradually limiting animal products...

The effect will surprise you!

What It's All About

What This Is NOT


NO Calorie or Point Tracking

NO Carbohydrate Avoidance

NO Wheat Avoidance

NO Weight Tracking

NO Short-term Quick Weight-loss Fix



 This whole foods nutrition plan can be followed 4-5 days/week to start; for some, that’s all that is needed 

Professional Support


From grocery checklists to online food & recipe tools, Dr Rob Ayoup ND will guide you through to the new you!

Individualized Plans


Plant-rich whole food nutrition plans can be tweaked for digestive support, pain management, skin concerns, etc. 

Graduated Approach


Once one set of adjustments are achieved, if need be, further adjustments can build on that success 

Beyond What A Book Can Provide


Benefit from the 15 years of experience Dr Rob brings...there are many fad diets and supplements out there...why not simplify your eating habits under what he's seen work best?

Plant-Based Diet Research From NutritionFacts.org


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The information in the above links from NutritionFacts.org are for general information purposes only, and do not constitute medical advice. Please discuss with your healthcare provider what treatment options are best for you.


Who This Will Work For

- Those who are willing to explore new & healthy foods while limiting animal food intake

- Those engaged in physical activity (or planning to) at least 2-3 times/week

What You Risk Achieving...

- Weight loss

- Improved digestion

- Reduced pain & inflammation

- Improved blood sugar levels

- Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure

- Reduced risk of certain cancers

- Healthy skin

- Increased energy and quality of life

Cost Coverage

Naturopathic services are often partially/fully covered by Extended Healthcare Insurances. Please inquire with your insurer for details. All services, including Acupuncture,  are billed under Naturopathic consult/service 

Meet & Greet Available

Book your complimentary 15 minute Meet & Greet with Dr Rob Ayoup ND to help answer general inquiries prior to scheduling a formal Initial Consult

....Really, Just 5 Days per Week?

Depending on your motivation and goals, in my experience, many of my patients have been able to 'have their cake and eat it too'!

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