Naturopathic Aesthetics

Where Nutrition & Natural Therapies Meet Skin Health & Beauty

A Natural Way To Manage Skin Concerns Like Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, 

Along With Reducing Fine Lines and Brightening Complexion

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Support Skin From Within



Whether for general skin health & complexion, or for managing inflammatory conditions such as acne and eczema, you owe it to yourself to explore those dietary adjustments shown to be of help

Nutritional/Herbal Supplementation


  With so many supplements on the market, it can be hard to sift through the wild claims. Dr Rob Ayoup ND is trained to evaluate the scientific validity of popular natural medicines, and can help personalize those supplements which are right for you.  

Topical Therapies


  For skin, choosing the right topical products is essential.  Dr Rob Ayoup ND can recommend herbal/nutrient-based topical (cosmeceuticals) for a variety of clinical effects: anti-aging, reducing oily/dry and acne-prone skin, and to minimize fine lines/wrinkles.  

Outside-The-Box Lifestyle Factors


  Our lives are busy…As such, both stress and sleep deprivation can indirectly affect skin health and accelerate the aging process. Dr Rob Ayoup ND often uses individualized lifestyle and supplement recommendations, along with acupuncture, to help minimize the detrimental effects of stress and insomnia  

Cosmetic Acupuncture


  A truly unique and effective application of an ancient therapy! By capitalizing on the ability for ultra-thin acupuncture needles to enhance local blood flow to the skin, while also stimulating collagen formation, the effect is a subtle, yet noticeable, healthier complexion. In addition to gentle skin tightening, the prevention/reduction of fine lines and wrinkles may be achieved.  Also may benefit acne, rosacea, and other skin concerns 

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Acupuncture for Muscle Tension


The muscle tension and pain-reducing effects of Acupuncture compliment wonderfully with, and help you get the most out of, any massage therapy service you're currently obtaining 

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